Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number [Step By Step Guide]

Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone NumberAadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number: Aadhaar card is launched under the Unique Identification Project by UIDAI. This scheme is launched by the government of India. UIDAI was established in February 2009 to operate and manage the huge database of Unique Identification Number that each Indian Citizen must own.

Aadhaar card is a mandatory document you also need to link it to the bank account and PAN Number. So everyone must ensure to apply for the same after the application it takes a maximum time of 90 days to get an Aadhaar.

In the meantime, you need to check the status, online and phone. But sometimes you don’t have Internet connection or computer in that cases you can use your mobile phone. Yes UIDAI has given the advantage of Aadhaar card status inquiry phone number.


Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number

Text Message: To check the current status of your Aadhaar you need to send an SMS to a number. You will receive the reply from automatic service and it will update you on the status of your Aadhaar. This service is free of cost but you need to confirm your service provider if they will charge you anything for sending the message.

Phone call: You can check the status of your Aadhaar by calling the toll-free helpline number. Keep your enrollment ID ready as the representative will match it in the database and tell the status of your Aadhaar.

Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number

1. If you are using the above-mentioned methods to enquire the status of your Aadhaar you need to remember the points given below.
2. The SMS must be sent from the registered mobile number only.
3. This is the same number which you have given at the time of Aadhaar enrollment.
4. Keep your enrollment Id ready
5. In case you’re Aadhaar has been generated you will get your Aadhaar number as the reply to your SMS.
6. If the Aadhaar is not generated you will get the current status of Aadhaar card.

Aadhar Card Status via Phone call?

1. The phone call method is a convenient as well as used by any person who wants to check his status by calling 1800-300-1947.
2. You call will be attended by the representative of the Aadhaar agency and he/she will ask your enrollment Id.
3. You must ensure to keep your enrollment id with you before calling.
4. The representative will confirm whether your id is correct or not by matching its database.
5. You will get the information about the status of Aadhaar on call once the enrollment id gets matched in the database.
6. In case your Aadhaar has been dispatched then you must ask for the tracking number of courier agency.

You can use check the Aadhaar card status inquiry phone number from anywhere in India. It helps many people daily basis and an ultimate service initiative by UIDAI Portal.

How to download Aadhaar Card Download by Aadhaar card status inquiry phone number?

1. Visit the website of UIDAI eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in.
2. Enter the information such as Aadhaar number, enrollment number, pin code, name etc.
3. Verify OTP which is sent to your mobile.
4. Download Aadhaar card attachment.
5. Take a printout and save it to your device.

Documents required downloading E-Aadhaar?

1. Enrolment receipt
2. Aadhaar Number.
3. Registered mobile number (for verification).

To download the copy of an Aadhaar you require the above documents. The enrollment receipt that you got at the time of enrollment of Aadhaar. If you don’t have enrollment don’t worry you can download the Aadhaar card by name. By entering your name and date of birth you can get the enrollment number. By using this number you can download the Aadhaar card.

Aadhaar card status inquiry by android?

This is the easier method to check the Aadhaar through the mobile app. You need to follow the simple steps to check the status of your Aadhaar.

1. Download and install the Aadhaar Portal App on your mobile.
2. Open the app and enter your name with enrollment ID.
3. You can check your Aadhaar card easily in the app itself.

Thus it is crucial to keep a proper track of Aadhaar and check the status regularly once you filed the application. After the submission of biometric data and documents, an applicant will have to wait a while before Aadhaar card arrives.

Normally it takes 60 days to 90 days time to get an Aadhaar. The Aadhaar can be sent via Indian Post. Once you fill the application form, you need to keep an eye on the status of Aadhaar. It is vital to ensure that your application is secured and not rejected.

As there are some cases when an application for Aadhaar will be rejected. The reasons may be incorrect documents or any other. In that case, an applicant needs to reapply for a new Aadhaar card if the applicant does not receive the Aadhaar the status is rejected.

How to avoid the rejection of Aadhaar Card

Generally, people don’t know that they have earlier enrolled for Aadhaar card or not. As they have not received Aadhaar they need to visit Aadhaar center to re-enroll them. In case a candidate enrolls any number of times in that case his/her application will be rejected. The first time enrollment will be accepted in the server and card will be sent via Indian Post.

In case you have not received your Aadhaar card after waiting for 3 months to inquire this issue you need to ensure the acknowledgment slip safe. With the help of this slip, you can track your Aadhaar card application and you can download you e-Aadhaar letter online.

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If you have not received your Aadhaar then you might be not present at your residence when the postal office appeared at your house for Aadhaar card delivery and if he doesn’t find you at your Address than your Aadhaar will be sent back to the head office of Aadhaar at Bangalore. Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Phone Number.

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