Aadhaar Card Change via Post – Name, Address, Phone, Gender, Date of Birth

By | October 3, 2017

Aadhaar Card Change via Post: India government has issued Aadhaar Card which is mandatory for every individual in Indian citizen. It is consist of unique identification 12 digit number.

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Management of every Aadhaar numbers and its issue responsibility is of Unique Identification Authority of India. Functionality of UIDAI is under the guidance of Indian planning commission. UIDAI is having every information, demographic information and all other details captured in it.

The initiative of Aadhaar card have done to make a single and unique document for identification which has every detail of the person to whom Aadhaar is issued.

By submitting existing identify proof like Passport, PAN card, Driving Licence etc. Along with address proof such as Phone Bills, Rashaan Card, Bank Statements and Electricity Bill.

Resident Indians are applicable to apply for Aadhaar card. During the Aadhaar making process details are scanned in every Aadhaar card centre.

How To Aadhaar Card Change?
Aadhaar Card change or modify details in Aadhaar card by Indian government. One of those method is to apply for change by post and other is to approach any government centre for Aadhaar card change. And one can also apply online for change request.

Changes that one could make in Aadhaar card:
• Name link to Aadhaar card.
• Residential address of the person to which Aadhaar card is issued.
• Mobile number or phone number with which Aadhaar card is linked or which is mentioned on Aadhaar card hard copy.
• Gender of holder.
• Date of birth on Aadhaar card holder.

Request for Aadhaar Card Change application via post can only be done for these detail of card holder data in Aadhaar card upon which any update or modification or correction can take place. One can only apply four times Aadhaar card details modification at max by an Aadhaar card holder.

Steps to apply for Aadhaar card change via post:
• To initiate application for Aadhaar card details modification through post applicant firstly has to download correction/ modification form also called update form thorough UIDAI official website. Form is available for everyone without any cost or charges.
• At the end completely filled form with proper details is to be posted to regional office of UIDAI. Below are complete details or steps which can help you to apply for modifications.
• Any document additional to the update form (attached with it) as a proof is mandatory to send depending upon card modifications type.

1. For name modification request identity proof document is meant to be given.
2. In case of address change address proof document is required for reference.
3. For date of birth change, any document having valid date of birth is mandatory. Those document could be 10th and 12 certificate etc.

Details about related document is mentioned above.
• Self attested documents is to be attached with form.
• All the document should have clearly mentioned Aadhaar number on them.
• Name of the Aadhaar number or Aadhaar card holder is to be written just below thumb impression or signature done by applicant.

o Their is a special exception for children’s below the age of 5 years. Their parents or guardians can do signature on their behalf for any aadhaar card details modification on document for support and on updating form.

o Applicant have to submit modification form for Aadhaar card in English language or in local languages. Any numerical value or digits must be filled in English only.

• All reference documents for support along with update or correction form for Aadhaar card in to be kept in envelope.
• “Aadhaar correction/update” should be written at the top of envelope.
• Post this envelope to UIDAI regional office addresses.
• At the time of request acceptance a verification will be passed to the applicant via provided mobile number or email id.
• After successful updating of details according to the document provided and request made, automatically Aadhaar will reflect changes in details and those changes will be communicated to applicant.
• After every necessary processing of modifications, modified Aadhaar card can be easily downloaded and printed through UIDAI official website.

Click Here to Download The PDF

Supported languages:
Local languages using which applies form is to be filled by people enrolling for any update in Aadhaar card. These languages are supported by UIDAI regional office.

• English
• Gujarati
• Marathi
• Hindi
• Urdu
• Bengali
• Kannada
• Malayalam
• Tamil
• Telugu
• Oriya
• Punjabi

Address of regional office of UIDAI:
Form filled in ENGLISH LANGUAGE can be submitted or sent to any of these UIDAI Regional Office addresses according to the local region of applicant. As an example, person living in state of Punjab will post its update form to the office situated in Chandigarh.

1. UIDAI Regional Office,
SAMAN Kalyan Norman Nigam Building,
3rd floor, TC- 46/V Vibhuti Khand,
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
Tell no. – 0522-2304978

• Urdu and Hindi are the local language supported in form for posting to this Aadhaar card office.

2. UIDAI Regional Office,
1st Floor,
RIADA Central Office Building,
Namkum Industrial Area, Lowadih, Ranchi- 834010
Tell no. – 0651-246016

• Bengali is the local supported language of form for sending to this Aadhaar card office.

3. UIDAI Regional Office,
5th and 7th Floor,
MTNL Building,
B D Somani Marg,
Cuff Parade, Mumbai- 400005
Tell no. – 022-22186168

• English, Marathi and Gurjati are the three local supported language in which form is filled for sending to this Aadhaar card office.

4. UIDAI Regional Office,
Khanija Bhavan,
No. 49,
3rd Floor,
South Wing Race Course Road,
Bangalore- 01
Tell no. – 080-22340862

• Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil are the three local supported language in which form can be sent to this Aadhaar card office.

5. UIDAI Regional Office,
5th Floor, Block- lll,
My Home Hub,
Hyderabad – 500081
Tell no. – 040-23119268

• Telugu and Oriya are the local supported language in which form can be sent to this Aadhaar card office.

6. UIDAI Regional Office,
SCO 139- 141,
Sector 17-C,
Tell no. – 0172-25085983

• Punjabi language is the local supported language in which form can be submitted to this Aadhaar card office.

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